How to Success after failed Multiple Time.

Failure is the first step to success. remember nothing in this world is easy to get even if you want to cook a food, you need to prepare if and before that you should now the ingredients first. 

you never get life knowledge on school or high school. Edison was not educate well, but he make the history and invent the bulb and after that more he made. 

Edison fail 10,000 time to make bulb but he Never Lose The Hope and make the improvement on finally he get success. 

Never Lose Hope


Try below step to get the success.

  • Make you Vision Plan.
  • it's should be clear
  • what you do for that vision plan.
  • Make the list of plan of action.
  • Goal should be Long term Plan.
  • Divide it on short time, like Brick. small small make wall.
  • For Yearly Plan, Set Monthly Plan.
  • For Monthly Plan, Set, Weekly Plan.
  • For Weekly Plan, Set Daily Plan. 
  • For Daily Plan, Set Hourly Plan. 
  • Small time for every day. 
  • Last and finally fail try, learn improvement try, fail repeat try. 

Remember Edison. Never Lose Hope. 

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