Father's Day

Father the word is simple to say, but actually who is he. the word have only six letter but there are many religion cast every one have different name to say, some say father, Papa, Tată, etc.He is the one to give is finger to his son / daughter and walk slowly. the first step when baby take he/she need to catch father finger.


F- Far to work but close to family

A - Always think of child and family first

T - Trusted Person

H - Honesty

E- Equal to each child for love

R- Responsible for every thing for family.

he is the one who work 9 to 5 job, 24/hrs to full fill his family, he is the wall who protect his family from everyone. I saw a men who was very poor seating on train caring six Month baby on his hand with little 2 years baby seated near to him. the six month baby was carrying due to hungry the father open his bag and found a cookie and 2 years little child fill a cup of water and dip the cookies in water and feed the six month baby.when we ask where is the mom of child, he told she was no more in this world. He carry the baby and hug him closely with 2 years baby, his eye was fill with water and ocean follow.

he is super dad really


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