Avoid constipation, with right position of setting in Toilet. know more..

Usually, a person sits on a western toilet like he would sit on a chair. The position is basically a 90-degree position where your hips bend at that angle with respect to your upper body. Now, this position is extremely dangerous because it disrupts the passage of your intestines and literally, seals it off. This leads you to put extra pressure on your bowel, which go against the basic laws of physics.

Also, another common way of sitting for many people is by bending their upper body forward while sitting (image below). Many believe that doing so helps them exert more pressure on their bowels, leading to better excretion. However, what happens while you bend forward is exactly the contrary, as it can even further block the passage of the intestines.

The ideal position that does not constrict one's rectum and lets the stool pass smoothly is the 35-degree squat poison, that is the traditional sitting Indian toilet position.

The right toilet position is important because it allows you to release stools easily. In a recent discovery, scientists from Belgium proved that intestinal microbes can affect your nervous system, thus affecting your mood. It remains unclear what the connection is between mental health and bacteria. But what appears to be true is that an imbalance in the gut bacteria, which might be created by sitting in the wrong position in the bathroom.

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